If life can only be in one big EDIT mode ... I will be as happy as I can be. Welcome to my Yoville life and I will tell you all about it ... tips and tricks, gimmicks, designing wows and woes, glitches ? learning experience ... sharing whatever I know and a venue for your sharing too. Let us build Yoville art knowledge together ...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Halloween Costumes in Yo

Been busy busy busy in the real world ... it is taking too much of my time now that I can barely load yoville. What was I or what am I busy about? Oh that's the real world and I'm not telling about that here :)

So I logged in at yo and whoaa ... a whole new house called "Spooky Village" and lotsa costumes. As usual, buying at the events suck but I still have what was left of the pink retro proceeds so I battled it out. When frustration sank in ... I just had to get them at the stores.

The costumes are good, some are novelties like the headless queen and knight. Although I got most of the new clothing items including accessories, I am not really digging them. I like to dress up my avatars and create a "character on them. The new costumes is like giving everything away that I feel one just needs to wear it and so everyone who bought the same thing will be wearing it just as I wear it .

I was asking myself why I bought these things again. I have too much as in too much already and I keep adding in. Somehow or the other, I need to get rid of the MULTIPLES at least, It has been insane ... I buy multiples of clothing items and store them at other avatars.

I was afraid that my account will be "lost" like my original account so I buy multiples. In case I lost the current account I consider my main ... I have the spare items at the other account. Absolutely insane as I look at it now. The insane amount of real money involved to buy yocash/coins is also insane!   

I didn't realize how deeply I have fallen into this game. It's funny I never thought about that before. And I am just talking about clothing items. Oh well ..

Here are some more pairings..

Monday, October 24, 2011

YoRehab Contest Madness (Room Decorating Contest)

Today I won another decorating contest at YoRehab Contest Madness and I am happy about it ...not that so happy but happy enough that I can still do it. Well, I have not been making any rooms and the room was done in rush-rush mode like an hour and a half. I actually did two rooms :

First Choice and 1st Place- Graveyard Rooms

Second Choice

I am not really a halloween person and I am not really liking chaos in the room, even if it is organized chaos --- so I chose the top one with the little bone wagon. It won me 30k yocoins from YoRehab. Sweet!

Winning top prize means I cannot win for the next 4 weeks so I will be resting my contest urge. I like joining YoRehab room decor contest - it is admin choice and I don't have to bother my friends for votes. I am just so shy I guess to ask favors - well, that's the real life me. I am not discussing that real life here because this is my "other life", remember?

These are my previous "wins from YoRehab ... Fantasy and Poker rooms ... all top prize! Oh I am just happy and proud ad I don't mean to sound like I am bragging. I have lots of other "wins" and yeah, I miss blogging about those in my periods of absences here. So I will be sharing those wins in future posts ...

1st Prize - Fantasy Room

1st Place - Poker Room

I love YoRehab and so far I believe it is loving me. There are great entries and I am just so glad that I have nailed it. Agent L is so awesome !!! I love her, no mess no fuss. Last week there was some drama on the contest (pictograph theme) and it was nasty. Some people into drama attracts the very drama they create ... tsk tsk, nasty!  As for me, I am so allergic to drama that I will run away from it at the first sight. It invites negativity and hate - they are not within any breathing distance of my nature.

But let me share you my secret in joining admin choice contest ---- always submit at the last hour or minutes. You don't need to display your entry for everyone to see, copy or create drama on. If you are entering a contest you should have enough confidence to think positively and believe you have a chance in winning. Therefore, you don't need to ego trip on the number of likes or nice comments to your entry. They don't matter ... what matters is you get too be chosen by the admins voting for the winners.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I Am Back to Where I Started

I have been administering a Facebook fan page - Yoville Design Network -  for more than a year now. Prior to this page, I was helping out with a club page ... this club page is, shall I say, defunct ... or on time out? I am not sure but I guess the drama they make just got into them and they ended up fighting each other ...

Sometimes I wonder if I have to write about these things on facebook as still part of "My Other Life" but the things that happen are somehow connected with the only game I play. These things that happen, outside of the game, but I guess very much about the game --- are very real --- no longer in edit mode. 

Whatever or whichever way I look at it, I guess I must write about it. Events having to do with the game LOL this is after all ... and should be .. a journal! 

I have not being doing yo for a long time ... I guess I am bored and just so plainly frustrated with the game itself and some people who play it. If not for the page and the fans who are on it, I would have just poofed! Oh well .... anyways, yesterday I tweeked some rooms from the old Haunted Castle and posted them. Two rooms :

The rooms are old and I just added a few new items. The fans or friends as I want to call them .... loved the rooms. I am so glad to know that even if I have slackened doing rooms and making some relevant outputs --- these people will always welcome me back. I got likes and nice comments about my work ... These are people I don't even know ..., and yes, they liked my work. I didn't have to ask my friends, my sister, my neighbor to like it nor did I have to get my alter account to like it LOL ... 

And so I am back to where I probably started before ... a lot of people are still interested in learning about frames. If some people learned doing it, there will always be other people willing to learn frames and some other things. Not just frames .. there are so many things to share ... sharing has always been my intention in  making my facebook notes and this blog. And so I must .., if only for the facebook fans that needed whatever little knowledge I can share or facilitate to share. 

It is Friday !!! TGIF--- my real life goes crazy on weekends --- that's the time I play family! Say somethign nice to someone today and you will be glad you did !  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Letters ... Letters ...

There is a new gimmick in yo ... letters!!! Supposedly players can form or assemble them into messages .. cool! The only problem is that ... they are too small and viewed with the whole expanse of the room, I think the purpose will not be served.

Am I sounding like I am whining :P Well, to tell you the truth, I haven't done any rooms at all for ages!!! I am just into hotdog-nitro-avatar stuff Maybe I am bored and not too excited at all with the kind of gimmicks that zynga has been offering -- just one big word -- LAME !!!

Have a great day yo ... it doesn't take too much to be nice :) say something good to anyone today ..BOO!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Remember Me?

Remember me? I have committed the worst thing that can happen to a blog ... not posting! I have not been regularly posting until I it went to a real stop. I guess I am bored with the game LOL and frustrated too! I also had RL matters that needed attention .. and which I need not say here :P This is my other life ... my gaming life and this blog is about that gaming life!

I have just been playing the game in terms of nitros and hotdogs LOL. This morning when I logged in and saw the Spellbound broom (reward for the dibs game) shown here,I thought of recording it and sharing it with gaming friends. I even called a friend to help me play it the way I saw it on the billboard promo of the reward game ...

It wouldn't work and I said yeah, another lamer from zynga. I had to bother my good friend who is happily playing in the happy land of Crowdstar (Happy Pets, happy Aquarium etc) It was only a little later that I realized that the broom is just a reward and there is no game on it .. the dibsgame has been played to win the broom .. simple but I didn't get it hahahaha.

So I thought I should play the game again for real than just nitros and hotdogs. Maybe I will repost here some of the other items I posted from other pages/sites ... after all this blog is all forsharing knowledge with my gaming friends and whoever else wants to read it.

This is My Other Life .. in Yoville it is a Game !! Hello!!!

I am back ... AGAIN .. to blogging! This is my other life and so I must live it !!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Designer Drama II

Yeah , there are still some and I really mean they should cut it out. Nope, I am not part of it ... I have ran away from all these to the best I could. I wish they can just snap out of it. We are playing yoville on our down time and that down time should be fun. We all have enough drama in our real lives that to see drama unfold or at the worst be in the middle of it just plain suck bad!

Friday, July 8, 2011

LoyLuv and LuvLoy

Small as she is, Loy has the biggest mouth I have ever known. You ask her one simple question and she gives you five different answers. Plus she googles it and slam her findings to your face --- she does these in like 3 minutes after you asked her the question!

I will keep this open for edit and she will probably think I am putting her aside as always nyahahaha gaga

Create Your Own Yochandelier

Create your own one-of-a-kind yoville chandelier to add some "bling" to your room. You can either make it in the shape of a cone, a triangle or a circle.

Use your imagination, look for small items that can be put together to "make" a chandelier. Check out your freebies. Remember the basic shapes or forms  - cylinder, triangle and circle. Here are some of the items that can be helpful (please note, however, that some items here have been discontinued like the yacht/beach items so if you have them or can find them, use them)

Chandeliers are placed on ceilings, the top of the room. First, you have to determine the best spot to place them then start your assembly from that spot. Here are some suggestions:

Center of the Room - Serving as focal point which can be further accessorized

Center of the Room with Smaller Chandeliers on Both Sides Bigger chandelier on the middle and smaller ones on the sides

Two Opposing Sides Use your better judgement to determine where to place them, two opposing sides or just one side, top of stairs as shown in this picture.

One Side Top of Stairs

Assemble the items to form the shape of your choice. You can search the internet for actual pictures of chandeliers if you need some inspiration. Here are some pictures you may find helpful in assembling your chandelier.

Assemble the items as shown; You may need to "overlap" some items to get the visual effect

You just have to try making your own yochandeliers. You will be amazed at how your imagination can work and where it can take you. Good luck and happy decorating! \

I would like to thank my dear friend LoyLuv for contributing ideas here and for some of the graphics on this post. LoyLuv is the subject of my next post.


If you have decorated a room or clicked the edit button to move things around, you probably know by now that there are certain items that can “float” or things that you can place anywhere in and outside of the room, including the black spaces around it. Rugs, shelves, frames, posters, some plants, some freebies are “floaters”. There are also items like chairs that you cannot place at certain angles inside the room, near the room edges or on those black spaces. You also can’t place most items on swimming pools. So, wouldn’t it be great to use some extra space to give your room the semblance of space and depth?

The “Profiler Method”

The best working method, as of this writing, is the Profiler Method also know as the “Left Click/Right Click”. I just call it the “Profiler Method” for lack of any other name and mostly because I see that little flash menu every time I do the right click. This method does not work on Firefox or Safari, it occasionally works on Chrome and works perfectly on Internet Explorer (IE).

1. On edit, left click the item you want to move, the item will appear transparent and “lifted” from the box. Right click while holding the left then release.

2. Left click on the spot where you want to move the item, right click and the item is moved. Hold your mouse for a second to make sure the item stays. If the item moves back to your inventory, just repeat the process.

Here’s a video to illustrate the process:

When this “Profiler Method” won’t work for you, there are two more ways to conquer the black space …


This is how I usually do it … I would place the item on either the leftmost side or rightmost side of the inventory bar depending on where I want the item placed — left or right. On edit, I would remove other items from my inventory bar until the item I want to use is placed on the right or left edge of the bar. Using the edit function, quickly toss or flick the item to the direction where you want to place it. Since the black space or the edge of the room is almost at the very edge of the inventory bar, it will only take a flick of the wrist …. say about an inch to two inches toss.

You will notice the item is “transparent” and goes back to your inventory bar. Watch the item, it will be “normal color” once it stays. Do it again and again until you get the item in place. You may “feel” the cursor or mouse kinda “sticky” and eventually, you will get it. Save the room first before rotating the item, this is to make sure the item stays if in rotating you lose it back to your inventory.


The slow method has the same “principles” as the “quick toss”. Here, you drag the item SLOWLY towards the edge and out the inventory. Again, watch the item till its color turns normal then surely the item stays. The downside here is you can only place the item at the black space at the edge of the inventory bar.

Practice makes perfect. Try using any of the methods and conquer your black space. Make a pool bar, sit on the cliff, the possibility of your imagination is endless.

Note: this is a “recycled” post from my blogsite and facebook notes 08/10 on the same subject

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Designer Drama

Run away!!!

When Lives Overlap

I would like to talk about this lengthily when I am ready

Yes, No Posts Till Now

I have not been postimng since last year !