If life can only be in one big EDIT mode ... I will be as happy as I can be. Welcome to my Yoville life and I will tell you all about it ... tips and tricks, gimmicks, designing wows and woes, glitches ? learning experience ... sharing whatever I know and a venue for your sharing too. Let us build Yoville art knowledge together ...

Friday, October 21, 2011

I Am Back to Where I Started

I have been administering a Facebook fan page - Yoville Design Network -  for more than a year now. Prior to this page, I was helping out with a club page ... this club page is, shall I say, defunct ... or on time out? I am not sure but I guess the drama they make just got into them and they ended up fighting each other ...

Sometimes I wonder if I have to write about these things on facebook as still part of "My Other Life" but the things that happen are somehow connected with the only game I play. These things that happen, outside of the game, but I guess very much about the game --- are very real --- no longer in edit mode. 

Whatever or whichever way I look at it, I guess I must write about it. Events having to do with the game LOL this is after all ... and should be .. a journal! 

I have not being doing yo for a long time ... I guess I am bored and just so plainly frustrated with the game itself and some people who play it. If not for the page and the fans who are on it, I would have just poofed! Oh well .... anyways, yesterday I tweeked some rooms from the old Haunted Castle and posted them. Two rooms :

The rooms are old and I just added a few new items. The fans or friends as I want to call them .... loved the rooms. I am so glad to know that even if I have slackened doing rooms and making some relevant outputs --- these people will always welcome me back. I got likes and nice comments about my work ... These are people I don't even know ..., and yes, they liked my work. I didn't have to ask my friends, my sister, my neighbor to like it nor did I have to get my alter account to like it LOL ... 

And so I am back to where I probably started before ... a lot of people are still interested in learning about frames. If some people learned doing it, there will always be other people willing to learn frames and some other things. Not just frames .. there are so many things to share ... sharing has always been my intention in  making my facebook notes and this blog. And so I must .., if only for the facebook fans that needed whatever little knowledge I can share or facilitate to share. 

It is Friday !!! TGIF--- my real life goes crazy on weekends --- that's the time I play family! Say somethign nice to someone today and you will be glad you did !