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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Halloween Costumes in Yo

Been busy busy busy in the real world ... it is taking too much of my time now that I can barely load yoville. What was I or what am I busy about? Oh that's the real world and I'm not telling about that here :)

So I logged in at yo and whoaa ... a whole new house called "Spooky Village" and lotsa costumes. As usual, buying at the events suck but I still have what was left of the pink retro proceeds so I battled it out. When frustration sank in ... I just had to get them at the stores.

The costumes are good, some are novelties like the headless queen and knight. Although I got most of the new clothing items including accessories, I am not really digging them. I like to dress up my avatars and create a "character on them. The new costumes is like giving everything away that I feel one just needs to wear it and so everyone who bought the same thing will be wearing it just as I wear it .

I was asking myself why I bought these things again. I have too much as in too much already and I keep adding in. Somehow or the other, I need to get rid of the MULTIPLES at least, It has been insane ... I buy multiples of clothing items and store them at other avatars.

I was afraid that my account will be "lost" like my original account so I buy multiples. In case I lost the current account I consider my main ... I have the spare items at the other account. Absolutely insane as I look at it now. The insane amount of real money involved to buy yocash/coins is also insane!   

I didn't realize how deeply I have fallen into this game. It's funny I never thought about that before. And I am just talking about clothing items. Oh well ..

Here are some more pairings..