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Friday, July 8, 2011

Create Your Own Yochandelier

Create your own one-of-a-kind yoville chandelier to add some "bling" to your room. You can either make it in the shape of a cone, a triangle or a circle.

Use your imagination, look for small items that can be put together to "make" a chandelier. Check out your freebies. Remember the basic shapes or forms  - cylinder, triangle and circle. Here are some of the items that can be helpful (please note, however, that some items here have been discontinued like the yacht/beach items so if you have them or can find them, use them)

Chandeliers are placed on ceilings, the top of the room. First, you have to determine the best spot to place them then start your assembly from that spot. Here are some suggestions:

Center of the Room - Serving as focal point which can be further accessorized

Center of the Room with Smaller Chandeliers on Both Sides Bigger chandelier on the middle and smaller ones on the sides

Two Opposing Sides Use your better judgement to determine where to place them, two opposing sides or just one side, top of stairs as shown in this picture.

One Side Top of Stairs

Assemble the items to form the shape of your choice. You can search the internet for actual pictures of chandeliers if you need some inspiration. Here are some pictures you may find helpful in assembling your chandelier.

Assemble the items as shown; You may need to "overlap" some items to get the visual effect

You just have to try making your own yochandeliers. You will be amazed at how your imagination can work and where it can take you. Good luck and happy decorating! \

I would like to thank my dear friend LoyLuv for contributing ideas here and for some of the graphics on this post. LoyLuv is the subject of my next post.