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Monday, October 24, 2011

YoRehab Contest Madness (Room Decorating Contest)

Today I won another decorating contest at YoRehab Contest Madness and I am happy about it ...not that so happy but happy enough that I can still do it. Well, I have not been making any rooms and the room was done in rush-rush mode like an hour and a half. I actually did two rooms :

First Choice and 1st Place- Graveyard Rooms

Second Choice

I am not really a halloween person and I am not really liking chaos in the room, even if it is organized chaos --- so I chose the top one with the little bone wagon. It won me 30k yocoins from YoRehab. Sweet!

Winning top prize means I cannot win for the next 4 weeks so I will be resting my contest urge. I like joining YoRehab room decor contest - it is admin choice and I don't have to bother my friends for votes. I am just so shy I guess to ask favors - well, that's the real life me. I am not discussing that real life here because this is my "other life", remember?

These are my previous "wins from YoRehab ... Fantasy and Poker rooms ... all top prize! Oh I am just happy and proud ad I don't mean to sound like I am bragging. I have lots of other "wins" and yeah, I miss blogging about those in my periods of absences here. So I will be sharing those wins in future posts ...

1st Prize - Fantasy Room

1st Place - Poker Room

I love YoRehab and so far I believe it is loving me. There are great entries and I am just so glad that I have nailed it. Agent L is so awesome !!! I love her, no mess no fuss. Last week there was some drama on the contest (pictograph theme) and it was nasty. Some people into drama attracts the very drama they create ... tsk tsk, nasty!  As for me, I am so allergic to drama that I will run away from it at the first sight. It invites negativity and hate - they are not within any breathing distance of my nature.

But let me share you my secret in joining admin choice contest ---- always submit at the last hour or minutes. You don't need to display your entry for everyone to see, copy or create drama on. If you are entering a contest you should have enough confidence to think positively and believe you have a chance in winning. Therefore, you don't need to ego trip on the number of likes or nice comments to your entry. They don't matter ... what matters is you get too be chosen by the admins voting for the winners.