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Monday, October 17, 2011

Remember Me?

Remember me? I have committed the worst thing that can happen to a blog ... not posting! I have not been regularly posting until I it went to a real stop. I guess I am bored with the game LOL and frustrated too! I also had RL matters that needed attention .. and which I need not say here :P This is my other life ... my gaming life and this blog is about that gaming life!

I have just been playing the game in terms of nitros and hotdogs LOL. This morning when I logged in and saw the Spellbound broom (reward for the dibs game) shown here,I thought of recording it and sharing it with gaming friends. I even called a friend to help me play it the way I saw it on the billboard promo of the reward game ...

It wouldn't work and I said yeah, another lamer from zynga. I had to bother my good friend who is happily playing in the happy land of Crowdstar (Happy Pets, happy Aquarium etc) It was only a little later that I realized that the broom is just a reward and there is no game on it .. the dibsgame has been played to win the broom .. simple but I didn't get it hahahaha.

So I thought I should play the game again for real than just nitros and hotdogs. Maybe I will repost here some of the other items I posted from other pages/sites ... after all this blog is all forsharing knowledge with my gaming friends and whoever else wants to read it.