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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Yoville "Art" of Friendship

I am still in the middle of nowhere but oh, that's my real life (get a dose of that from my other blog :P) . But being in such a poetic place like this, I can't help but think of this other life ... my yoville life. When I "left" there were friends bickering, fighting, arguing. I don't know but those things always happen on weekends!!! My heart is just so broken so I have to do a hands-off ... I can't handle conflict or arguments ... I have enough drama in my real life and game time is supposed to be fun time. After all, we only play the game in our free time, don't we?

People Dynamics

Yoville is such a social game and people dynamics will naturally come into play. I have made many friends in Yoville - some were real gems, some disappeared and there were also those who scammed me or just took advantage of me. I don't know with you but I think there were times I played yoville like real life. I mean some values, beliefs we have in real life gets into us too when we play the game I get angry, I cry at times, I laugh incessantly and I feel love for buddies I don't even know personally.. Oh well, that is if you are playing the game as yourself LOL there are some people I know who play it differently. Like my friend Mary is a guy in Yoville !!! Well, that's her other life ... 

Get a Life

Some noobs witnessing some public "battle" (well, something to do with the game) says "Get a life, this is just a game". Yes darling newbies, we have a life, this is our other life !!! We decorate rooms like our own homes, maybe rooms we can't have in real life. If only I can keep the edit mode even on people!!! Things happen and people fight ... let me tell you about my dear friend Dorota (her yoville name) ....

My Friend Dorota

Dorota and I have been friends for so many years!!! We were together in ICQ, friendster and she dragged me to yoville. I love her to death and i never thought the game came between us in a moment of our lives. You see, I belong to the first few who finished level 50 in so short a time :) I wanted to level up fast I needed to borrow coins from friends. Some friends actually donated coins for my cause LOL. So, I borrowed 6k coins from Dorota, she has a lot of them.Yeah, just 6k. A friend later gave me 500k to level up and finish. When Dorota learned I have that much, she asked me to pay her and so I did. But I was kinda hurt because she has a lot and I am not even finished leveling at that time. So I wrote her and blurted my heart out ... telling how yo addicted she is and how materialistic she has become because of the game. Of course, she wrote back with even more stinging words ... I gathered she was jealous of new yo friends I have at that moment. We also dug up on the past, citing things we gave each other both in the game and in real life. That petty and like me, I bet she will laugh so heartily when she reads this. Oh, we both cried in this bitter encounter. I failed to see that I was getting so ego-oriented and materialistic too leveling up. We never had any arguments before and it has to happen in a virtual game!!! 

Well, like I said in the top part of this, I can't handle conflict --- I would rather suck it up or leave altogether. I love my friend and she is a real friend. After some time, I wrote to her and she wrote me back and we laughed about it.Dorota has lost some interest playing yoville but she gets in once in a while. I miss her playing the game. I still have Mikki though and I will tell you all about her next time :)

Yes, we find ourselves in the game fighting with friends, exchanging bitter words ... and we get aggravated. We sometimes bring this aggravation in real life. Amidst all the fighting and the anxiety of what will happen next, you must have the art of friendship in yoville. For me, I always go by what my Dorota fight experience taught me ... when friends are true and the love is in the heart, there is no beating that. If a friend will dump you for some "values' over this other life we have, the virtual one --- don't cry about it because it is not worth it. 

Have a great day and say something nice to someone today, will you?