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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Note #4 - One Drawing Exercise To Play With

We are still on developing hand-eye communication ... we shall try Blind Contour Drawing and we shall not look at the board or the egg as we draw the outline !!! It isn't difficult, in fact I find it fun ... the end result does not really matter. The more important thing is carefully observing your subject and coming up with whatever form you can put in your board or egg. this time. You are right to think that contour is the shape or the outline of a subject. Contour drawing is basically outline drawing and how do we do it blind? LOL ... 


Just draw your hand ... place the cursor at the bottom of the board and starting at the edge of the wrist, follow the line holding the cursor steadily and moving it very slowly. Don't rush and avoid lifting the cursor off the board. Most of all, DON'T LOOK AT THE BOARD!!! Try to make the cursor follow every line, curve or bump. Just concentrate on observing every little detail.


You can also try this exercise with other objects like leaves or furniture or people

When you are done with your blind contour drawing, look at what you have drawn. It may look funny or out of proportion, but surely there will be parts far bettter drawn :) Remember, this is a great observational practice --- to help hand-eye communication. Practice whenever you find time ... God bless !!!