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Monday, September 27, 2010

Framework: Multiple Frames 1

People find using two or three frames better to enlarge the image they want to frame. To do this, you have to crop the image into 2 or 3 pieces, depending on how many frames you wish to use.

Place your image on both frames. Double click your first frame then click crop image. Estimate the size you need to crop the image into (2 pieces). Click and drag the handle (red circle) at the bottom right of the selection box to resize/crop the image. Follow same procedure on the other frame, this time, using the remaining portion of the image as cropped.



We always follow the same procedure. Place your image on all the frames.

Drag the handle bar of the selection box to crop. You may need to adjust the display area to match your other pieces. Click close button to save and exit. Be sure to check alignment of your frames.

Practice makes perfect ... so practice, practice.  Then we can work on a larger number of frames. If you wish to share your work, you can upload your screen shot at Yoville Design Network Facebook Fan Page