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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Note #5 - Cursor Painting is Not Just Whiteboard/Egg Painting

Guys, I cannot stress the importance of beginners' drawing lessons enough. If you have been keeping tab of my notes on drawing using whiteboards and paintable eggs as examples --- we have discussed exploring your whiteboard or paintable egg as a medium to work on. We also had some drawing exercises (mark-making, wire drawing and blind contour) for you to work on your eye-hand communication and be familiar with the strokes (heavy and light lines) and free form. I know these are basic drawing guidelines that work best on paper drawing but they could very well work on our yoville medium as well. Plus, you need the skills for cursor painting ... 


Cursor painting is a new form of "art" or digital art as some people call it. This is what I am really driving at providing those notes on beginners drawing lessons. If you are a beginner like I used to be, then you need to dabble on those exercises to gain eye-hand coordination. You can make use of the free wb's we got from mystery deals :) and eventually, explore your yoville art to the fullest. The possibility is endless --- make your own painting on brass frames, edit images etc. You don't have to buy expensive software and even if you do, you still need some drawing skills LOL. And if you really want to keep it "legit" under Zynga TOS, then you have to do cursor painting even in basic Paint !!! We shall be discussing more of these in future notes but you have to keep your hand and eyes working together NOW :)

All told, if what you just really want is to put pictures on whiteboards like the above photo, then let's just talk inbox to inbox. But remember, it maybe a freebie drawing program but if you want to fully use it, there will be some cost to you. If you wish to continue brushing up on your skills --- then keep tuned in :) Okay, before I sound like a nagging housewife (I really am LOL) ... let me close on these rantings and make another note for some drawing exercises :) Enjoy a good day and God bless!