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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Note #3 - Some Drawing Exercises To Get You Started

"Whatever works for you" is the right choice in drawing anything you wish to ... I found out that there is no right or wrong way on how to go about it. What I'm sharing here are some information I gathered from the web when I was learning how to draw to be able to do my "art" on those eggs and whiteboards. Well, I am still learning ... These are basic drawing exercises and I found them useful to get hold of my hand and eyes when drawing in these boards and eggs.


Explore your medium by doodling, scribbling, mark-making without the pressure of creating a drawing. Hold on to your cursor and just let it glide, skip, turn, hop and have fun .... erase the board/egg then do it again. It is a great way to gain confidence in drawing and getting to know your material.


You are doodling and scribbling with a purpose. Pay attention to how heavy or light the lines become when you draw. Observe what happens when you do something different. Try to draw heavy and light lines (You can use the white paint to erase a portion of your drawing without having to erase everything on the board. You can also use the color of paint background to erase portion of the heavy lines to make lighter lines). Draw zigzags, loopy marks, scribble .... doodle


This is a fun wire drawing exercise. It is actually a short-cut of the real wire drawing exercise where you need an actual wire sculpture by your side. Anyway, start drawing by trying to follow the figures in this illustration. Draw without the pressure of "making it look like something" Practice following a line in space then drawing it on your board or egg. Train your hand and eye to work together.

Remember, the wire shapes are abstract and you can't really be critical of them. Because the wires don't look like anything, you can't go back to drawing "what you think you know" --- you have to consistently use your eyes to study the shapes :)

Keep your lines as continuous and relaxed as possible. Try to avoid short, tentative lines. Take your time and observe --- you are training your mind (eyes) and hand to work together.



Yay! Experimenting with medium is something all artists do :) You have to get to know how each stroke behaves ... you might not think much of these doodles and marks but these qualities will be present in your work and are worth thinking about now ...

Happy drawing !!! Practice on this and I still have a few more exercises to make. I am not an expert on this. I am just sharing what I know so far and I welcome any addition, correction, suggestions with regard to this note. Thank you and God bless !!!