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Tuesday, November 23, 2010



Wanting to buy those doors and windows but not have enough yocash ? Rejoice !!! I have a framework idea that will fit that need. You can make your own doors and windows! Better, make your patio doors opening or overlooking an awesome view. 

Here’s our step by step:

1. Download graphics (sceneries and doors) Be guided by our previous post on choosing your graphics or images. Click here to check on that previous post.

2. Using ordinary MsPaint, open the scenery graphics/image. 

3. Resize your graphics to a workable size, use pixels. You can always resize it again later. Maintain the aspect ratio and remember the vertical pixel size (write it down). 

4. Pull the lower right corner to widen your working area.Click select and select the image area, click cut (image disappears) then click paste (image appears back) 

5. Drag the image towards the center of the working area. 

6. Open another paint (like the way you open the earlier MsPaint) and open up your doors graphics. You now have 2 MsPaint running. 

7. You can crop any way you want the doors to be. I only use one door then flip or rotate it the other way. 

8. Use pixels to resize your door, indicate the vertical pixels (same as the scenery graphics) . Be sure to uncheck the ratio box

9. Select the image, then click copy and paste it on the other paint where the scenery is

10. After pasting, drag the door to the one side of the graphic. Be sure to check for door knobs , they should be facing the right way !

11. Go back to the other paint with the door. Click rotate then flip it horizontally. Click select to select the image. Click copy and paste it on the paint where the scenery is. 

12. Drag the door to the other side of the scenery graphics and you should now have patio doors with a view! Crop the image then resize it for framing .

Be guided by our post on resizing your image for cutting through digital croppers. Click here to view that post. 

Above pic is one of my rooms with patio doors and below are other “patio doors with views” that I made. If you want to download and use them, click on the pic and help yourself. Have fun doing your rooms with them !