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Monday, November 15, 2010

Framework: Multiple Frames Part 2 - Digital Cropping of Graphics/Images 2


It has come to my attention that most of you still have not figured out HOW to really cut your graphics using digital splitters. My close friends … and I won’t mention their names. So to put this issue to rest … here’s the key : You have to RESIZE your graphics before you feed it to the splitter! The digital splitter will cut your graphics into your specified rows and columns. If the size of your graphics is not equal to the size and the number of frames you would like to use ---- the resulting cuts may or may not fit your brass frames. Look at this example: 

While the image is fed to the cropper and rows/columns specified, take note that the resulting dimensions for the individual tile will not fit the landscape frame.

So, it is important that you :

1. Decide on how many frames you want to use
2. Resize your image according to the number of frames you will use


For landscape frames -  201 pixels horizontal and 121 pixels vertical

For portrait frames     -  101 pixels horizontal and 161 pixels vertical


Use your better judgment in deciding how many frames to use by resizing your graphics. Be sure not to have your graphic too squished or too stretched out like these examples:
 Let’s start :

If you are using 5 landscape frames across (horizontal) and 5 landscape frames down (vertical), you have to determine the size of your graphics by multiplying the above dimension/configuration to the number of frames you want to use. 


Using the given frames and the above dimensions --- your graphic should measure 1005 pixels horizontal and 605 pixels vertical :        

         201 x 5 = 1005               121 x 5 = 605

You can use MsPaint to resize your image using these dimensions.

Click resize. A pop up will come up the screen . Click on pixels, unclick the box that says maintain the aspect ratio and fill in the required dimension for your graphics

Save your image as a JPEG file. You are now ready to cut your graphics.


You can use any image splitter available online. So long as you resize your graphic based on the frames configuration, you will have no problem. I have tested most of them and have chosen TileMage as the most reliable so far. Click here if you wish to download this free image splitter

Browse for the image file you want to cut, unclick the box that says “Automatch” specify the number of rows and columns then click the SPLIT button. You will be brought to another window. 

Disregard the first two columns and choose Tile Numbers on the drop down menu under “Row Numbers” . Select a destination path for your cut pieces (I usually make a new folder for every file being cut) . Click on the SPLIT button and you are done cutting your graphics/image digitally.