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Monday, November 15, 2010

Conquering That Black Space Around Your Yoville Rooms


This is a re post of a very early note (Aug 2010) I did in my Facebook Notes and edited a bit. Due to insistent demand for the topic, I am sharing it here. I have a lot of friends passionate about this topic.Que sera sera …

Items Placed on "Black Space"
If you have decorated a room or clicked the edit button to move things around, you probably know by now that there are certain items that can “float” or things that you can place anywhere in the room. To mention a few, carpet, shelves, frames, posters, some plants, some freebies etc. There are also things that you cannot place at certain angles inside the room, like against the wall, near the room edges. So, wouldn’t it be great to use some extra space to give your room the semblance of space and depth? After all, most designers advise to maximize the space, cover that black space, level your room etc etc.

Finished Room

First, let me make this clear — the placement of things on the “black space” may or mat not be a GLITCH that ZYNGA/Yoville Game Developers may or may not be aware of. Meaning — they may fix the glitch (if it is) later and we won’t really be able to place things or fix the glitch the other way around and we can fully utilize the space. So, leaving it a that, let’s try to do the best way possible to utilize that space …. NOW!!! We do not live in caves anymore, everyone knows about this!

Swimming Pools are "Black Spaces" Too
It took me a lot of practice to do things this way but once you have “mastered the art” … it would be “easy peasy” like my dear friend Kristi D would say. Kristi D is one of my favorite designers and she has taught me a lot of things and this black space “throwing” is one of them and the very first I learned from her. “Just throw the item to the room until it stays”  … so I did and did and did. Then I realized it meant quick successive pulling of the item from the inventory and tossing it to the space you want the item to stay…

You can also utilize the swimming pool "as a black space" and place things like what I did with my pool bar (with bar stools you can actually sit on!)


This is how I usually do it  … I would place the item on either the leftmost side or rightmost side of the inventory bar depending on where I want the item placed — left or right. On edit, I would remove other items from my inventory bar until the item I want to use is placed on the right or left edge of the bar :) You can do it two ways  —- slow or fast. I find the “fast” method more rewarding (for me). Using the edit function, quickly toss or flick the item to the direction where you want to place it. Since the black space or the edge of the room is almost at the very edge of the inventory bar, it will only take a flick of the wrist  …. say about an inch to two inches toss. You will notice the item is “transparent” and goes back to your inventory bar. Watch the item, it will be “normal color” once it stays. Do it again and again until you get the item in place. You may “feel” the cursor or mouse kinda “sticky” and eventually, you will get it. I usually save the room first before rotating the item, this is to make sure the item stays if in rotating you lose it back to your inventory.
Pool Party House Bathroom On Edit


Now, the slow method. The slow method has the same “principles” as the “quick toss”. Here, you drag the item SLOWLY towards the edge and out the inventory. Again, watch the item till its color turns normal then surely the item stays. The downside here is you can only place the item at the black space at the edge of the inventory bar. Just look at my room pics to give you an idea how far you can throw these things out of your inventory.

More items placed ...

Finished Room

There is a third method (I figure it is some sort of profiler thingy) …. sometimes it works and there are times, it doesn’t. You click an item from the inventory to move it. Hold down the left mouse button of your mouse and click the right mouse button then let it go. You will see the iem in your inventory and it seems to "float" in the inventory bar. Drag the pointer where you want the item to be and click on the right mouse button. The item will supposedly “fly” to that space you want the item to be and stays there. I tried doing this, there were some success and most times, the item goes back to the inventory. This method works better with Internet Explorer (IE) and at times with Google Chrome. And I believe there are times it works and times it doesn't. So when you get it to work, take advantage !!!