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Monday, November 29, 2010

Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

You don’t have Christmas items ? … and you are dying to decorate especially so because Thanksgiving has left! Well, if you have a little budget to spend, you can make your own Christmas wreath to get into the feeling of Christmas! 


Here’s how:

1. Clear the room you want to use.

2. Use black walls and floor.

3, Get those bushes from YoDepot and arrange them in a circle. You may use a circular rug as a guide.

4. Get 3 fog-o-lanterns and arrange them like berries at the bottom of the wreath. Go to the enchanted line (Living) at the furniture store and get two of the dark green or lighter colored leaf rug. Place them like “leaves” of the “berries”

5. This wreath is already good by itself but if you want to decorate it some more, you can always explore the possibilities. I used the red wall sconce of the whimsical line (living) for this wreath.


6. If you want to tidy up the room a bit you can do so. I used white border along the sides and filled up the other spaces using the lime colored carpet from the pool party line (living).


7. You can also just use black background and “black out” the room using those soiled carpets under the Trailer Home Theme line.

8. The possibility of designing your wreath is endless … My 6 year-old daughter made this wreath using the freebie plushies, campyo bushes she got from the old mystery deals and the mystery gifts …

Happy decorating !!!