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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Framework: Multiple Frames Part 1 - Choosing Your Image

Whether it is simply a 4-frame accent to sit on a hallway or a fabulous 48-frame Fantasy Room, framework on multiple frames has always been the “main event”  in room decor. I believe choosing the right image (that will make a difference) is already 30% of  framework success. The rest being 10% cutting/cropping and 60 %  integrating your framework to the room decor. 

With the above parameters in mind, I also want to say that whatever image you want to put in your frame also works. You can put an image of your big toe in your frames and that is fine --- so long as you are having fun!! I am having so much fun doing my frames and that is the primary reason why I am sharing a “how-to-do-it”  with you --- I WANT YOU TO HAVE THE SAME FUN AS I AM HAVING!!!


Start the fun by deciding on a design use for the frames. Some players use the frames exclusively for fantasy rooms. Other players, find use on them for anything e.g. wall divider, windows and bigger windows. There is no limit to one’s imagination. My friend Bonny (from down under) just framed some tulips and used the frames as fence, a real lovely idea. Keep a mental idea of what you want to play with : fantasy, scenery, graphics or whatever your heart decides. Having decided on the use, search for your image on the internet. If you have a particular material on real life paper file, then scan it and convert it to jpeg file. 


Nothing is better than the worldwide web for this purpose.  A lot of sites offers freebie images from fairies to dark arts to gorgeous photography. Freebies are obviously FREE so people who think downloading images from freebie sites is STEALING are just GRUMPY!!! I am so partial to google and bing because I can always narrow my search using their sidebar tool. Image hosting sites like photobucket, picasa and flickr are also good sources of images. I also buy images (usually watermarked) that I really want to have. Whatever suits you … 


Resolution --- An image with good resolution (clear, distinct colors, contrast etc) works best. Avoid getting small sized pics and blowing it up for use in 20 frames - the result will be grainy. If you want images with “human facial features”, good resolution image is a must.

Color ---  in room design is so important! Remember your color wheel. Take a mental note of the color of available items you can use to integrate the image in your room decor. 

Type of brass frames --- Tall and narrow images do best with portrait brass frames while short and wide images are most appropriate for landscape frames. Surely you are resizing the image and cutting it to size but remember that a good scale for the image is the best. Know your inventory - you don’t want to get a tall and narrow image of a fairy if all you have are landscape frames. 

“Human Facial Features” --- as much as possible, get an image with bigger facial features. It is frustrating to cut a “face” across and miss the “expression”  on that face. Look at the above picture ... It is disappointing to cover the little face with the frame border. We shall deal with this item more when we get to the cutting tutorial. 

All told for now ... let's go get those images!!!