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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Framework: Four Seasons

ONE ROOM ... Changing seasons ... changing colors ... 

I have just been cutting and cutting images all the time? Not really, real life got in the way! Don't you just hate it when real life gets in the way of your other life (in my case, this blog and the game I play ... and oh yeah, let's include facebook!)

Anyway, I started telling you about doing multiple frames but that's not really it! I still have to show you how i do my PERFECT CUT. It is so perfect that it will take you more time aligning those brass frames than cutting and framing the images. I have done the photo-illustrations so expect it in the very near future. Let me just show you some of my latest framework ... 

Tried to experiment on leaving the frames in the room and just changing decor and images. It was convenient especially if you just want to play around your creativity. What better theme to do it but the four seasons theme ... though I must warn you I am not so feeling the winter scene. I guess it is too warm in LA to even imagine a winter scene ... 






Did you like them? Well, I'm drafting my set of instructions on how to do them so check me back ... in the meanwhile, play a fun game and say something nice to someone today :)